Music Complex

Multi-used Complex
Isfahan, Esfahan

This project has been developed in the field of musical upgrading, which includes four sections of the fluid architecture(cyber architecture), including music, educational, administrative, welfare organization and various services.

Due to the serious needs of Isfahan, as a capital city, this collection has been selected and also designed for a unique area of music on an area of 20,000 square meters and an far large infrastructure of nearly 140,000 square meters.

The most important features and reasons which this project has been designed regarding them are:
- Lack of cultural and artistic area in Iran and Isfahan
- To meet the needs of music specialists, students and people at the local levels in the field of music in country.
- Growing and cultivating of artistic-musical activities in Isfahan as a main center of arts and culture, especially in the major of Iranian music.
There are some lines, which act as a supposed factor such an assumption in musical field and provide a visual basis for reading the relative notes and create respective voices of voices.

Consequently, the lines which are like a carrier, regarding their form (liner form) and also showing the movement and the basic substance of the music by changing the form of the main lines and their combination with the four sections of the collection (volume), are the fundamental of formation of the main concept.